A complete 'End to End' product design studio taking ideas right through to manufacture

Our team started from a couple of adventure buddies in Sydney, Australia.


Whether it’s from our distinct and unforgiving land or simply from our geographical isolation our work has it’s own sense of ‘self’ and this very uniqueness and the confidence in our designs is the character that we cherish.


Being a new company allows us to be exceptionally adaptable and not confined by traditional methodologies. With modern manufacturing developing in leaps and bounds we are able to embrace these technological changes and 'run with it'.


 We’re now situated in both Australia and Asia allowing us to leverage the strengths of each region in design and manufacture.


The team is diverse and includes passionate professionals with many years of combined experience! When we’re not designing the next ‘Big Thing’ we recharge with our feet firmly planted on a trail or cliff face or pedals. Oddly enough, this is often where our best inspirations strike us!


tempus4 Adventure


Adventure and Cycling focused innovations in technological design.


The old saying ‘Make what you know’ is apt in our experience and there’s no better product solution than one that comes out of the necessity of need. When you think like a designer it’s impossible not to see product shortcomings in your leisure pursuits and come up with solutions.


We’re lucky to have a playground in the outdoors near where we live and as such we have designed solutions for climbing, hiking, paddling and cycling over the years.



tempus4 Green


Our passion for the outdoors has also molded our love of nature and hence we are inspired to create solutions that actively function to minimise our environmental impact. Although sustainability is referenced to some extent in all our designs it is the main focus in our tempus4 Green designs with products that are actively supporting environmental sustainability in their function.


Green power in the form of wind, micro-hydro, thermoelectric and geothermal are under development together with other complementary fields such as eco-building, water quality, food production and waste reduction and management.

tempus4 Function


Functional product designs need not be utilitarian or ugly as the form can be just as useful in defining the use as the mechanics may be. Our unique set of skills gives us the ability to achieve true ‘End to End’ product designs from ideation to customer.


The IoT (Internet of Things) is ramping up from what was only recently a niche ‘Maker’ field to what will likely be the defining technologies of the next decade. Our high level electronics & programming skills mean we can not only design the products but program and design the circuitry providing a true ‘one stop shop’. Our industrial designs are made either for license, contract or in-house production.

tempus4 Form


A thing of beauty has no need to ‘be’, it has nothing other to do than to simply evoke an emotive response. A pursuit of form without function may seem frivolous but it is this almost spiritual pursuit that reflects an ideal that might pull us forward to a more harmonious world where the splendour is as valuable as the utility.


Our designs take the form of unique and customised ‘statement pieces’ of sculptural artwork for elite architectural firms, interior design companies and landscape architects.

Intellectual Property

Invention, design and branding protection is something we're especially good at and for good reason. There's a murky world of IP professionals out there offering 'sky high' services that often don't provide the level of IP protection that the customer realises.


We've brought IP specialists into our team that do far more than just write a patent. We first come up with a set of strategies that we explain in 'plain English' what your options are in protection.


Typically a patent is written to protect an emerging invention that's yet to be manufactured and tested in the marketplace. For this reason we'll often suggest a stepped strategy that gives your product the opportunity to shine before more investments in protection is required.



Protecting your inventions from unscrupulous copy-cats

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Tempus4 Pty Ltd is an innovative new product design company based in Australia. Offering more than just a 'styling' treatment. We've 'cherry picked' from the best and brightest to make a team filled with; Passionate industrial designers Electrical tinkerers Patent strategists Programming masters Marketing gurus and every one of us are natural born inventors!
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